Low Store Closing June 4th

May 7th, 2021

Hello friends,

Today we are announcing that Low Store will be closing permanently on June 4th.

This decision was a difficult one, but we are excited to be transitioning into a new chapter as a family and a part of the Pepeekeo community. We will be open Monday through Friday 10 am to 2 pm throughout May, and we hope we will get a chance to see each of our wonderful customers before the final closing date on June 4th.

It is difficult to find words to express how incredibly grateful we are to have operated this business in the community over the years. We are so honored for the support of all of our amazing customers and our neighbors. We deeply appreciate your choice to shop at Low Store, and it has forever made an impact on our family.

Our hearts are full from the experiences we’ve shared with you, whether you’ve stopped in for coffee, lunch, cigarettes, fishing supplies, or something to save you a trip into town. If you live elsewhere in the world, thank you for stopping into this little country store and supporting us.

Thank you for supporting us through our busiest times with lines out the door and 30 minute waits. Thank you for standing by us in slow times and choosing to buy your musubi or soda from us. Thank you for coming down from upside Pepeekeo to pick something up. Thank you for stopping in to see if we have that can of soup, those baby diapers, or that new candy bar. Thank you for trusting us to get your breakfast sandwich out the door to you so you can make it to work on time. Thank you for keeping the lights on in the park so my grandma could walk home safely after work from the store to her house. Thank you for sharing your spare change with a visitor who was just a bit short on tax.

The community we have in Pepeekeo is a special one, and each of you has made an impact with us. We hope that in parting we have been able to give back as much as has been given to us in experiences and friendships.

Agnes Low originally purchased land on Old Mamalahoa Highway (then the main highway) and built the Low Store building in 1924. Through the generations of our community, the store has seen many changes and served many important purposes. Many in our community might remember Low Store as a Mentos gas station, an auto mechanics shop, an arcade, a movie rental shop, a general store, and a place for our community to gather. Our deepest hope over the years is that we’ve been able to make it feel like a home for our neighbors. In a time where the shopping experience can often feel impersonal, our mission has been to welcome customers with a smile, and know them by name.

We also want to say a special thank you to our wonderful employees who have worked with us over the years. Thank you for dedicating your time and talents to making Low Store better. Your efforts made so much possible, and we are grateful to have worked alongside you.

To commemorate the store closing, we will have a special book for everyone to write their name or share a story or memory from Pepeekeo if they would like to do so! The book is at the store, but you can also submit a story online through our social media that we will print out and attach to the book.

We will be selling through our merchandise in store and will only have our calendars and Pickles merchandise available online. If you're interested in purchasing something else, please give us a call at the store and we can ship to you in anywhere in the USA.

As this chapter closes, we look forward to continuing to be a part of Pepeekeo alongside our neighbors! Thank you so much for an incredible 13 years of Low Store (in its current form), and an incredible 97 years as the Low Store building.


the Low Store family

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